NACBA Introduces 2015 Platinum Convention Sponsor


Introducing StratusBK, the breakthrough practice management solution that streamlines and improves every aspect of your bankruptcy practice. If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, StratusBK has the power to get you there!

Say goodbye to legacy systems that don’t integrate and require duplicating data entry. Realize improved productivity and higher profits from the first case you file.

StratusBK’s powerful central engine gives you streamlined processes and data transparency firm-wide. Saving you real money and attorney time on every case! And it also gives you the focused reporting you need to dramatically grow your firm.

With StratusBK, you can:

  • Automate your calendars, keeping them in sync with the courts
  • Get up-to-the-minute information on case statuses and revenue, attorney productivity, marketing ROI
  • Learn about your competition and the cases they are filing.
  • Gain market insight to fine tune your messaging, and much more!

StratusBK is nothing less than practice management software redefined. One breakthrough tool that does it all! Giving you the best and latest information about your firm through every step of the bankruptcy process.

StratusBK is a world class, innovative solution that gives your firm a competitive edge. The tools you need to practice smarter today. The intelligence you need to practice bigger tomorrow.

Headed to the 2015 NACBA Convention?

Visit us at booth #68-73 to see a demo of the powerful capabilities in StratusBK that can help you better drive, accelerate, and govern your firm. And don’t forget to check out our putting green, where you can enjoy a cold drink and compete to win an Odyssey putter or other great prizes.

Contact us today for a demo of our best-in-class bankruptcy law practice management software at 844-220-4656 or

Follow us to stay informed of the latest StratusBK announcements.



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