Bankruptcy News Briefs- 1/31

The final January 2020 news briefs are…

Idaho billionaire targets medical debt collectors

House of Representatives Passes New Credit Reporting Legislation

This Couple Owes $900,000 In Student Loans – Now, This Happened

Student Loan Debt and Mortgage Lending

In sickness and in health, but not in debt: Young Americans avoid ‘I do’ until student loans are paid off

Millions of Seniors Risk Taking Their Student Debt to the Grave

Student Debt Loan Moans Keeping Millennials Up At Night? You Might Be Surprised

Senators To CFPB: Why Are You Still Failing To Protect Student Loan Borrowers?

Student borrower advocacy group urges CFPB to supervise National Student Clearinghouse as CRA “larger participant”

MoviePass Owner Files For Bankruptcy While Disclosing State And Federal Investigations

U.S. farm bankruptcies hit an eight-year high: court data

Puerto Rico pension assets protected from bondholders, court rules

Consumer bureau sues Citizens Bank over alleged failure to resolve credit card errors

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