Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/23

Start your day with these bankruptcy news briefs…

State AGs Seek Withdrawal Or Substantial Modification Of CFPB’s Proposal To Revise Trial Disclosure Policy

CFPB Doesn’t Owe Law Firm $1.2M Attys’ Fees In Debt Suit

Debt collectors drained this woman’s bank account — then gave it back

There Is Bipartisan Agreement That Cryptocurrency Is Good For Politics

Wells Fargo to pay $65M settlement related to faulty sales practices

Lenders Share Their Underwriting Secrets With Credit Karma

Wage Garnishment: What Is It and How Can It Impact Your Income?

The Student Debt Crisis: Could It Slow the U.S. Economy?

FICO credit scores may jump, yet consumers should be wary


Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/22

We kick off this week with the following headlines…

Student Loan Debt Shouldn’t Make Borrowers Feel Like College Wasn’t Worth It

Which Debt Should I Pay Off First?

CFPB’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ Puts Trump Plans into Practice

CFPB fair lending officer now under investigation over controversial writings


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Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/19

It’s Friday! Get through the workday with the following…

CFPB investigates controversial writings of Trump appointee

CFPB Hints At Possible Disparate Impact Rulemaking

Legislators demand answers on student loan forgiveness process

Warren to Fed: Keep growth cap on Wells Fargo until CEO is replaced

Debt Collector Requirement to Authenticate Consumer Comes to a Head

Student Loan Repayment Is The Hottest Employee Benefit Of 2018

Study finds racial disparities in student debt increase after young people leave college

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announces favorable court ruling in lawsuit against student loan company

Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/18

Today’s bankruptcy news briefs to read through are…

The Student Loan Debt Crisis Is About to Get Worse

What Borrowers Should Know About Robocalls

FTC is Making Consumer Complaint Data More Accessible

Defrauded by a for-profit college? A new court ruling may help you cancel out your loan debt

Which Comes First: Debt Payoff or an Emergency Fund?

Home Equity Borrowing Poised to Soar

Judge Orders Betsy DeVos To Begin Student Loan Forgiveness

The Effects of Student Loan Debt on First Time Homebuyers

CFPB Adds Abusive Practices Rulemaking to 2019 Agenda

Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/17

Check out these latest bankruptcy news briefs…

Consumer Reports: Medical debt hurts your credit score

Student loan debt isn’t just a millennial problem 

Study finds physical and financial health are linked

Here Are The 5 Biggest Student Loan Mistakes Of 2018

U.S. settles with company over alleged delayed transfers of customer payments to debt buyers

Delayed Obama-Era Rule on Student Debt Relief Is to Take Effect

Ideal Tax Solution Is Informing Taxpayers That The IRS Can No Longer Ruin Their Credit

America’s $1.5 trillion student-loan industry is a ‘failed social experiment’

Sears bonds fall deep into distressed territory after bankruptcy filing

CFPB to Define ‘Abusive Acts or Practices’

Bankruptcy Filing Shifts Spotlight to Sears’s Pension Plans

CFPB’s inspector general asked to probe questions over political aide’s past writings

Consumer Groups Challenge CFPB’s Proposal To Revise Trial Disclosure Policy

Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/16

We kick off this Tuesday with the following briefs…

How to Protect Yourself From ‘Zombie Debt’ Collectors

Maine is offering student loan assistance to people who live and work in the state

Education analysts urge lawmakers to base college funding on degrees earned

Cory Gardner bill would let employers make up to $10,000 a year in tax-free contributions to ease workers’ student loan debt

Can The U.S. Government Fix College Financing?

CFPB to Define ‘Abusive’ Acts by Financial Firms

CFPB proposes to issue final rule on annual civil penalty adjustments

Mulvaney eyes financial law enforcement change

Waters introduces bill to undo CFPB’s anti-consumer changes

Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/12

Before you start your weekend, stop and read today’s headlines!

Popular Job Perk: Helping To Pay Off Student Loan Debt

CFPB’s Mulvaney unmoved by external pressure to oust top aide

Pentagon, others baffled by CFPB plan to cease military lending exams

Mulvaney calls for unity at consumer bureau amid racial controversy

Mortgage Industry Urges CFPB to Make Changes to Lo Comp Rule

Congress Can’t Create an Independent and Unaccountable New Branch of Government

Chapter 5 Officially Begins in Department of ED Private Debt Collection Saga

35 State Attorneys General Request the FCC to Implement New Rules to Combat Illegal Spam Robocalls

7th Circuit affirms withheld attorney fees in disability cases

Bond yields sink after consumer prices reading is lighter than expected, quelling inflation fears

Consumer groups blast CFPB over proposed ‘disclosure sandbox’

Public service loan forgiveness is going wrong for most people — meet some of them