Bankruptcy News Briefs- 5/01

Happy May! Let’s start the new month with the following…

Millennials struggle under the burden of student loan debt: “I had a panic attack”

CFPB Offers Up a More Transparent CID Process

States where Americans have highest levels of student loan debt

Deutsche Bank Report Says Student Loan Debt Is a ‘Micro Problem’

Like it or not, debt collectors may be texting and emailing you under new rules

America’s growing student loan debt crisis

CFPB Seeking Comments on Possible Remittance Rule Revisions

Student loan debt crisis impacting generations of Americans

Cortez Masto pens letter to CFPB director, blasts latest assault on ageny’s mission

New York Judge Questions Actions and Motivations of Plaintiff’s Counsel, Order to Show Cause Issued for Sanctions

Let’s Get Technical!: Court Refuses to Certify Wrong Number Debt Collection Suit in Expert-Driven Analysis

U.S. Banks’ Bad-Debt Pile Creeps Higher With Credit-Card Losses

Student loan debt crisis: How did we get here?

The FDCPA’s Un—Or Least—Sophisticated Consumer Still Has a Burden of Proof


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