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Bankruptcy News Briefs- 11/16

Head into the weekend with the following news briefs…

Senate moves toward vote on Trump’s nominee to replace Mick Mulvaney at the CFPB

Betsy DeVos Sued Again For Delaying Student Loan Forgiveness

CFPB Issues Spring 2018 Semi-Annual Report

Pa. students bear second-most loan debt in nation, but is change on the horizon?

The most rampant robocall scams are linked to health insurance, Amazon and student loans

Which Is The Riskier Path: Avoiding College Or Going To College?


Bankruptcy News Briefs- 11/13

Today’s bankruptcy news briefs include…

Commercial and Consumer Bankruptcies on the Rise

Industry and Consumers Will Benefit from CFPB’s Revision of Small Dollar Rule

How The Midterm Elections May Affect Your Student Loans

8 Ways To Protect The Financial Well-Being Of Those Who Serve And Protect This Veterans Day


2018 Midterm Election Results Impact on Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
Date: Thursday, November 15, 2018
Time: 3:00pm ET/ 12:00pm PT
Cost: No Cost – Member Benefit Webinar
Presenters: John Colwell, Esq., Ike Shulman, Esq., Ed Boltz, Esq. & John Rao, Esq.

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Join NACBA as we discuss how the recent 2018 midterm election results will impact consumer bankruptcy attorneys. This webinar is an opportunity for members to review the results, discuss House committees and new leadership, and learn how you can help NACBA move forward with bringing important issues to the attention of the 2019 Congressional agenda.


Bankruptcy News Briefs- 11/06

It’s midterm election day 2018! After you go out and VOTE, read the following…

Toyota Awaits Appeals Court Ruling on Auto Leases in Bankruptcy

40% Of Borrowers May Default On Their Student Loans

Consumers with Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, or Civil Judgments on Their Experian Credit Reports May Be Affected by a Settlement

“Overbiffing” is the latest outrage in debt collection

Heading Into Retirement With Student Loans

Mass. AG Quietly Adds Third-Party Debt Collectors As Regulated Entities on Website Despite Prior Guidance to the Contrary

Authenticity Matters: Three Ways To Reach College Students

Chicago Considers Wiping Away Old Ticket Debt for Motorists Who File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Attorneys Seek CFPB Definition of Abusive Practices

Watching Your Wallet: Company offering to help lower student debt under investigation

Bankruptcy News Briefs- 11/02

Happy Friday! Start your day with these new headlines…

Consumer Bureau Union Files Grievance Over Political Appointee’s Racist Blog Posts

New Report Finds Student Debt Burden Has ‘Disastrous Domino Effect’ On Millions Of Americans

Debt Collectors Can’t Dodge DA Letterhead Suit

Meet 5 midterm candidates running with student debt in mind—and in their lives

Economic Boom Isn’t Helping Some Student-Loan Debtors, Advocacy Group Says

BCFP updates HMDA compliance guide w/ S. 2155 changes

Sixth Circuit Clarifies Appealability of Bankruptcy Court Orders

Goodbye Student Debt, So Long America!

Lawmakers and privacy rights groups spar over student loan debt solutions


Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/30

Kickoff Tuesday with these headlines…

Can U.S. Consumers Continue Their Pace of Spending?

The next financial crisis? A look at student loan debt in America

Student loan debt holding back first-time home buyers

Discover and Capital One slashing credit limits, closing inactive cards

The public service loan forgiveness fix isn’t going well

Markets Work In Higher Education: Tuition Fees Are Starting To Fall

Procollect alleged to have damaged consumer’s credit score by failing to report debt as disputed

What happens to college loans if the borrower dies? That depends

BCFP Revisits Payday Rule, Expected January 2019


10 Key Numbers Every Law Firm Owner Must Know To Succeed

Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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Over the last nineteen years we have helped over 18,000 attorneys market and grow their business. We have studied best practices of business development in some of the fastest growing firms in the nation. During this time we have identified many of the key characteristics of highly successful bankruptcy law firms. One of the more consistent ones is that they track specific numbers and key indicators that give them instant insight into how their law firm is performing on a weekly and monthly basis.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the numbers that make your law firm run.

By analyzing these critical metrics, Partners and Owners of law firms can easily determine whether they are on track to achieve their goals or if they need to retool and refocus their marketing and business development efforts.

In this fast paced webinar, nationally recognized law firm marketing expert Stephen Fairley will teach you:

  • How to easily identify the 10 key metrics your law firm needs to track and measure
  • How to set up a system to identify these numbers
  • CPL and CPC: the 2 most important numbers every attorney must know in order to succeed
  • How to avoid “paralysis by analysis”and being overwhelmed by too much data
  • Delegating roles and responsibility to your staff
  • Using software to track your KPIs

If numbers scare you or you tend to ignore them because you have a hard time making heads or tails of all the different data you see, then this webinar is a “can’t miss” event! If you’re a spreadsheet and data driven individual then you will love this webinar!


Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/26

Jump-start the end of the work week with the following…

Ex-student loan official: ‘We dropped a trillion dollars of debt into the market’ with little thought to oversight

Stop the delinquent student loan merry-go-round

No Generation Safe from Crushing Debt

Will the Fed’s Rate Hikes Show Up in Tomorrow’s GDP Release?

American Financial Benefits Center: Student Loan Debt Continues to Grow Faster Than Other Consumer Debts

BCFP Releases Complaints Snapshot, Debt Collection No Longer No. 1

BCFP Could Eliminate Repayment Test in Small-Dollar Lending Rule

Bankruptcy News Briefs- 10/23

Start your day with these bankruptcy news briefs…

State AGs Seek Withdrawal Or Substantial Modification Of CFPB’s Proposal To Revise Trial Disclosure Policy

CFPB Doesn’t Owe Law Firm $1.2M Attys’ Fees In Debt Suit

Debt collectors drained this woman’s bank account — then gave it back

There Is Bipartisan Agreement That Cryptocurrency Is Good For Politics

Wells Fargo to pay $65M settlement related to faulty sales practices

Lenders Share Their Underwriting Secrets With Credit Karma

Wage Garnishment: What Is It and How Can It Impact Your Income?

The Student Debt Crisis: Could It Slow the U.S. Economy?

FICO credit scores may jump, yet consumers should be wary