Featured NACBA Member Benefit: Certificate of Service


What is the NACBA/CertificateofService.com Member Benefit?

NACBA and CertificateofService.com have joined forces to create a special mailing service only for NACBA members.  To access the special mailing service web portal, NACBA members should bookmark the webpage located here (http://www.bkattorneyservices3.com/bkasmailform_017.htm). 

I heard I get a discount for being a NACBA member!

Not only do you get a discount for being a NACBA member, but NACBA also benefits every time you use the special NACBA member webpage portal!  Every mailing project that is uploaded through the NACBA benefit webpage portal will have a portion of the proceeds paid to support NACBA!

Can I access the member benefit portal from the www.certificateofservice.com site?

No, the only access to the NACBA member benefit portal is through the NACBA website.  You may wish to bookmark the webpage located here (http://www.bkattorneyservices3.com/bkasmailform_002.htm).

How do I benefit from using the NACBA member benefit webpage portal?

NACBA users who use the NACBA member benefit webpage portal receive a 10% discount from the normal print rate, a two cent discount from the normal postage rate, and NACBA receives a portion of the proceeds derived from the mailing jobs uploaded through the NACBA Member Benefit Webpage Portal. 

Do I get a NACBA discount for using the normal bankruptcy mailing upload portal at www.certificateofservice.com?

No, the only way to obtain the NACBA member benefit discount and to benefit NACBA is by using the specific portal created for NACBA and located here (http://www.bkattorneyservices3.com/bkasmailform_002.htm)

Why did CertificateofService.com agree to a member benefit program?

CertificateofService.com was created by a bankruptcy attorney for bankruptcy attorneys.  As luck would have it, certificateofservice.com has been incredibly successful over the past several years and much of that success is directly attributable to the members of NACBA.  Certificateofservice.com was launched by a NACBA member who wanted to help and ensure that NACBA and its members thrived.  Creating this member benefit was a great way to provide a win-win situation for NACBA members, www.certificateofservice.com and the NACBA organization itself.   

What is the difference between the Member Benefit Portal and the normal CertificateofService.com portal?

The NACBA member benefit portal charges less for mail processing projects than the normal website and a portion of the proceeds are shared with NACBA.  There are some significant differences in the portal site however.  Only one document is uploaded for mailing, no account needs to be set up, you will simply pay for each job processed as it is uploaded, mailing projects are mailed to the entire ECF matrix with no exclusions, mailings will be dropped into the USPS mailstream within one business day and there are no special instructions or exclusions section.  This format works well for 95% of all the mailings that www.certificateofservice.com does everyday.  If you have a need for more customized features, the portal at www.certificateofservice.com is still available to you. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the member benefit?

You can direct all your questions to www.certificateofservice.com for further explanation of the member benefit program.  We can be reached at 509 412 1356 or you can email Kathryn directly at Kathryn.jump@bkattorneyservices3.com.  


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