NACBA State Chair Application

NACBA State Chair Application

The volunteer State Chair serves in a leadership role for NACBA’s efforts in their district and state.  This person works with NACBA members in their community and throughout their state to strengthen relationships among NACBA, recruit new members and increase the participation of members in NACBA activities.  This person also serves as an important link to assist NACBA in identifying issues that may have legislative or regulatory impact at the state or federal level.

Membership, Education, Identification and Mobilization

  • State Chairs are asked to encourage new bankruptcy lawyers and non-NACBA attorneys to join and ensure that current members keep their membership active.  NACBA already sends out numerous renewal and membership applications, but it is often the “personal touch” that a State Chair – who knows both the attorney and the benefits of NACBA membership – can provide that gets someone to join.
  • State Chairs are asked to work with NACBA Board & Staff in educating the NACBA membership on cases in the State Chair’s state, benefits available to members and tools and services available to members that will help them in their practice.  This information should be shared during monthly conference calls and through regular emails.  State Chairs are asked to regularly attend and respond to these communications. In addition to the calls, the Board liaisons to the rest of the Board – Ed Boltz, Gene Melchionne and Pam Stewart welcome calls directly from the State Chairs about any questions or concerns.
  • NACBA & State Listservs: An important responsibility of State Chairs is to help generate discussion on the NACBA Listserv as it relates to designated state and optional set-up up of a mini-listserv for debtor’s attorneys in their state.   Rather than set this up under the direct auspices of NACBA, we’ve found that it is better to have an independent listserv, for example through Yahoo! or Google.  NACBA staff will assist you in deciding what type of a listserv to operate, how to set it up and continue managing it.

Identification: With developing case law under BAPCPA, NACBA and our partner organization, the National Consumer Bankruptcy Rights Center (NCBRC) have gotten much more involved in assisting with issues. We depend on the State Chairsto keep an eye open for important issues, so that we can avoid bad case law that may impact the entire country.

Mobilization: NACBA is regularly contacted by local and national decision makers and media, seeking bankruptcy clients that fit a profile needed for a story, i.e. college students with massive debts or senior citizens with foreclosure problems. State Chairs are asked to help identify debtors that fit the need and are willing to speak with the press.  Additionally, we ask our State Chairs to work with Advocate Leaders to help in mobilizing members for legislative action and for media events.

State Chair Qualifications:

  • Be a NACBA member in active standing (Required)
  • Attend NACBA Annual Convention* (Required)
  • Attend NACBA Fall Workshop* (Optional)
  • Attend / Participate in NACBA’s Hill Day at Home (Required)
  • Attend / Participate in minimum 8 out of 12 State Chair Conference Calls (Required)
  • Serve in State Chair for minimum 1 year (Required)
  • Be comfortable with public speaking
  • Willingness to engage association and community members in NACBA’s efforts
  • Willingness to support and advocate for NACBA legislative priorities
  • Willingness to dedicate 3 – 5 hours to the position on a monthly basis
  • Willingness to adhere to professional conduct standards

* Will be offered reduced rate to attend events.

Please complete and submit the application below:

Personal Information:


You can also complete the PDF NACBA State Chair Application  and send it to:

Dan LaBert


Fax: 1.866.408.9515


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