service of pleadings/motions/applications/, etc. -Deconstructing Rule 7004

Saturday, May 21st, 9:15 am – 10:30 am

In a world where attorneys have to do more with less, understanding the rules of service and how to best effectuate service is a key to your practice’s reputation and economic survival.  In this seminar, sponsored by, attendees will learn the ins and outs of what is considered proper service and who is the proper party to serve.  As a bonus, learn how to use a third party mailing service to expedite this simple, but arduous and time-intensive office task. You will walk away with the necessary information and tools to streamline your practice and work smarter, not harder.

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Jay S. Jump

Jay S. Jump, of the Jump Law Group, is a consumer protection attorney practicing in bankruptcy, FDCPA, and identity theft.  Mr. Jump has represented thousands of debtors seeking a fresh start, as well as creditors, both large and small, including the State of Utah and Koren Airlines.  Mr. Jump does not represent institutional creditors in bankruptcy court.

He also owns and operates, along with his wife, Kathryn,, a mailing and noticing service for bankruptcy practitioners across the United States, including the UST-DOJ, panel trustees, and Chapter 13 trustees. Mr. Jump is the former NACBA Washington State Chair.  Mr. Jump received his undergrad degree from the University of Arizona and his law degree from Gonzaga School of Law.

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Kathryn Jump

Kathryn Jump has extensive experience in building and managing boutique professional law and medical offices.  Her entrepreneurial experience has taken businesses that are struggling to get by to being wildly successful.  Developing practice regimes, protocols, and policies has allowed Kathryn to create ‘bankruptcy in a box’ applications for law firms across the country.  Kathryn and her husband, developed and founded BK Attorney Services, LLC in 2005 to address the changes in the law and to find a way to handle the large volume of mail that was occurring on a daily basis.  By adopting a philosophy of providing the best customer service and staying true to that premise, Kathryn has transformed from a sleepy cottage business to a large successful enterprise that is now the premiere mailing service for the legal and medical professions, representing over two thousand law firms across the country.

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Kurt O’Keefe

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