NACBA Members Reward Program

We value and appreciate our Members. Many NACBA members promote the benefits of being an NACBA member. In honor of NACBA’s 25th Anniversary, we want to reward you with a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Introduce a new member to NACBA and we will send you $25 Amazon Gift Card. Not only will YOU receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card but the NEW MEMBER will also receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

A valid referral meets ALL 3 of these requirements:

  1. Has completed and submitted membership application.
  2. Has listed the referring attorney on membership application.
  3. New Member dues are successfully processed.

What Defines a NEW Member?

  1. She / He has never been an NACBA member or has not had active membership in the last two calendar years.
  2. Each valid referral earns you a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Not sure? Just ask! Email Dan LaBert with any questions on membership status.

Recruit attorneys from your office or at 341 Meetings!


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