#NACBA25 Highlight!


It’s Never to Early to Learn at #NACBA25!

 Register for the Pre- Convention Session: FDCPA Extreme!

Thursday, May 4th, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

FDCPA Extreme is a half day workshop that will help your bankruptcy practice add revenue, generate referrals and increase your client satisfaction. This comprehensive workshop will cover a number of topics including:

  • Fair debt collection practices act:
  • History and legislation
  • When FDCPA comes into play for your bankruptcy client,
  • Statute of limitations
  • Unlawful communications,
  • Bankruptcy stay violations,
  • FDCPA violations after bankruptcy
  • Protecting the claim,
  • Various remedies under FDCPA
  • Creating a systematic process so you can add these cases to your practice.

Rates for this pre-convention session is separate from Convention registration, however if you attend #NACBA25 there is a $100.00 savings! Register Today!

Join Our Speakers for this Informative Session!

avatar for Jim Haller

Jim Haller

avatar for Dave Philipps

David J. Philipps

avatar for Craig Shapiro

Craig Shapiro

Learn more about #NABCA25 and don’t miss the Early Bird rate. 

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