Bankruptcy News Briefs- 12/17

Today’s news briefs are…

New lawsuit alleges CFPB Prepaid Rule requires use of certain fee terminology without permitting clarification, thereby violating free speech

CFPB Requests Information on the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule Assessment

Size of Lead Plaintiff’s Payout Compromises Debt Class Deal

Most of Debtor’s Claim to Vacation Pay Exempt From Bankruptcy

Wall Street Could Make $1 Billion Off PG&E’s Bankruptcy – and Ratepayers Are on the Hook

PG&E urged to revise bankruptcy plan as protesters rally outside San Francisco headquarters

‘Let’s make that the law’: Elizabeth Warren challenges Jamie Dimon and Business Roundtable over accountable capitalism pledge

What do subprime mortgages and student loans have in common?

United States: Section 363 Does Not Apply To Chapter 11 Plan Sales

Continuing Doubt About the Opt-Out: Uncertainty Reigns Over Third-Party Releases

What Is the Average Student Loan Debt for Graduate School?

Will Transferring Colleges Affect My Student Loans


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