Bankruptcy News Briefs- 12/19

Today’s news briefs are…

Trump Administration Weighs Plans to Reduce Student Debt

Supreme Court Ruling in Statute-of-Limitations Case has Wide-Ranging Implications

How Student Loans Impact Your Credit Score

How Student Loan Debt Is Affecting NYC Real Estate

How Students, Grads Use TikTok and YouTube to Pay for College

Chairwoman Waters Criticizes Kraninger for Political Appointee Candidate to Lead CFPB’s Enforcement Team

Massachusetts AG Pens Amicus Brief Supporting Objections to Equifax Settlement

Chief Justice John Roberts will play a starring role in Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate

Policygenius: One in four Americans say credit card debt is their biggest financial regret of the decade

Owner of Zest Soap, V05 Shampoo Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Trade Groups File Brief in CFPB SCOTUS Case

CFPB Enters Consent Orders with Military Travel Lender and Servicer for Undisclosed or Overcharged Fees, False Rate Quotes, and Credit Reporting Violations

CFPB Releases Report Exploring Differences between Large and Small Mortgage Servicers


Means Test Game Show: Is it income or an expense?
Date: December 19, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM EST – 5:00 PM EST
Cost: $25 Member / $75 Non Member
Presenters: Jenny Doling, Esq., Marybeth Ausbrooks, Esq., Gene Melchionne Esq. & James Haller, Esq.
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Join our holiday panel for a game show quiz focusing on allowable or required income and expenses. You can’t lose even if you get the answers wrong..

Why You Should Attend: Ask yourself these questions. Is a withdrawal from a 401k income that should push your client into a five year plan? Is a 401k contribution a permissible expense? Is child support that isn’t received income? Is child support that is not being paid an expense? Your client wants to claim $900.00 in pet expenses for 8 pets. Is that expense ridiculous? Can you justify it? Learn the answers to these questions and more. Come join us!

Registration for NACBA’s next BIG blockbuster is now open!

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