Chelsey Lambert

#NACBA25 Highlight


Thursday, May 4th 5:00-5:50 PM 

Make Marketing Work For You & Your Clients!

Join Chelsey Lambert as she discusses, “They’re Not Buying What I’m Selling: Marketing is Fun When It’s About Helping Others.”  Marketing is  important to the success of your law firm, but learning how to effectively market to your clients will not only save you time and money, but give them a clear picture of what you can offer. In this session you will learn how to:

  • How to build a marketing plan.
  • The TWO main jobs of marketing.
  • The right marketing for your business … choosing the right kind of marketing for where you are.
  • Funnel management

Make an impact on your firm and get potential clients to start buying what you’re selling!


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Chelsey Lambert

How To Manage A Small Law Firm
VP Marketing

With over a decade of experience in the legal space, Chelsey is a passionate and seasoned small law firm expert. A technology fanatic, author, and CLE accredited speaker, Chelsey is driven to help attorneys understand the components of their practice and how the right processes, skills training and marketing can impact their business, client relationships and bottom line. So Chelsey teaches every chance she can get. Delivering fresh, focused education, tailored to address the challenges and concerns of today’s practicing attorney.

In her words; the legal space has changed, and will continue to move at a rapid pace, despite regulatory efforts or the confines of a paper system. Why? Because consumers are driving the change, and she believes that attorneys who are properly educated and equipped to keep up, will not only survive but ride the crest of this wave to the top.