NACBA Member Profile: John Rogers

Based on random sampling of NACBA’s membership, the Member Profile strives to answer the question: Who are Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys? It looks at a variety of economic and demographic characteristics, as well as, business practices and “war stories.” NACBA is and always will be your “Your Practice Partner!”

Allow us to introduce, our “Practice Partner,” Attorney John Rogers of Kentucky. NACBA Member since April 2004.

John Rogers graduated from Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky College of Law. He attended the Program of Instruction for Lawyers, Harvard Law School inrogers 1991. While at Eastern, his activities included membership in the Political Science Honor Society and Student Government. Also, during his attendance at Eastern he was an intern for the Kentucky Legislature and the United States Senate Commerce Committee. During law school, he served as a law clerk to the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General and the Office of the Governor of Kentucky. Upon graduation from law school, John served in various legal and administrative capacities with the Office of the Governor and the Finance Cabinet in Frankfort. He has also served as Assistant Commonwealth Attorney for the 43rd Judicial Circuit. He has maintained a private practice of law in Glasgow, Kentucky since 1991.

John has served the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors as General Counsel since 1996. His civic activities have included membership on the Kentucky Historic Properties Advisory Commission, the Kentucky Historical Society, the Glasgow/Barren County Chamber of Commerce, the American Cancer Society, the Boy Scouts of America, Counsel to the Glasgow/Barren County Habitat for Humanity Chapter and the Cumberland Trace Legal Services Board. His professional memberships include the Barren County and Kentucky Bar Associations, Kentucky Justice Association, Consumer Bankruptcy Section and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Past Kentucky State Chair. He is certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification and is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute. John has also served as Chair of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

Most challenging case:

Probably my most challenging case came many years ago as a young bankruptcy practitioner. I challenged a long standing rule of our Court that prevented a case from being reopened after a set amount of time to avoid a later discovered judgment lien. The District Court overturned the rule of the Chief Bankruptcy Judge who, it was known, did not particularly like to be appealed and overturned. That was a good early lesson to never assume that something is correct or proper just because it has always been done that way, even if it was in United States Bankruptcy Court!

Best advice you ever received from the national listserv:

Honestly, just knowing that “The Firm” is there at any time to bounce questions off of and get knowledge and forms from is so comforting as a solo practitioner. The times that I have received information from the listserv, often without even asking questions, but just by listening, are too numerous too mention.

The NACBA benefit you couldn’t live without:

Having the listserv in it’s current format, without question. The times over the years that the listserv has been down (which is very, very rare) or changed, was almost like not having a law partner by your side or in the next office. I would experience a hollow feeling knowing that the information was not flowing by via the emails. The listserv is a friend you never want to “not” be there!

How many years have you been practicing? What is your favorite part of being a consumer bankruptcy attorney?

I have been in practice 25 years, but every day is new and fresh with each new client that comes in for help. If you enjoy helping people and dealing with something different every day, then consumer debtor bankruptcy practice is the way to go! I love it!

Who is your mentor? Who do you look up to professionally?

I always greatly admired and respected our former bankruptcy judge, Henry Dickinson. He was judge when I first began practicing and was always happy to share his knowledge and expertise with a young practitioner. Just to follow from the bench his common sense and compassion for the debtors was truly a lesson in how to practice bankruptcy law. Judge Dickinson passed a few years back, but his reputation still carries on in our court through the attorneys that practiced at his bench and carry on his tradition of compassion with a dose of firmness and humor that made us enjoying practicing before his court.

Name an area of the law that you’d like to learn more about

As a student of politics and government, election and campaign finance law have always intrigued me. I served for almost 5 years as the chair of our state election finance agency, but would love the opportunity to learn more about the intricacies and details of state and federal campaign finance law. My exposure to it only increased my desire to learn more. It’s a fascinating area!

Most memorable moment in NACBA

This would have to be the opportunity to meet and talk with then professor Elizabeth Warren many years ago at a San Diego convention. I have always been a huge fan of her work and the straightforward and simple way she explains complex issues of finance, consumer law, and their interaction with the economy. She really “gets it” and that is so refreshing to those of us in the trenches, especially that she is now able to wield her influence through her position in the Senate. So wonderful!

In another life, you’d be…

…a tour guide at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. I love to visit there, and the surrounding countryside in Albemarle County, Virginia. The Rogers side of my family lived there during Jefferson’s time and when I visit, I always have a peaceful, calm feeling of being at home. Very bizarre, I know, but I always trust my gut instinct…it hasn’t failed me yet!

For further information on filing bankruptcy, you can contact John Rogers via email at or toll free at 1-888-651-9353.



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