Bankruptcy Briefs 9/19/14

Would a GOP Senate foretell change for consumer agency?

New York State and City Join Effort to Shield Stabilized Leases

A Snowball Soon to be an Avalanche: Student Debt and Older Americans

Another Article Encouraging Those Considering Bankruptcy to contact NACBA. Is your membership current?

Banks Seek Exit from Robo-Signing Enforcement Order

Court Denies Administrative Priority Status to Seller Whose Goods Were Not Received by the Debtor

CFPB Proposes New Federal Oversight of Nonbank Auto Finance Companies

Tech Startup Vows to Make Debt Collection Smarter, Friendlier

Examiner appointed in HDG Mansur bankruptcy case

Preservation of Error and the Civil Plain Error Rule

Veteran bankruptcy lawyer Cieri to retire from Kirkland

U.S. approaching ‘sudden’ phase of bankruptcy, George Will tells Utah audience

NACBA Member Featured: Bankruptcy could save you from drowning in debt

Renew Your NACBA Membership

Join the only national organization dedicated to serving the needs of consumer bankruptcy attorneys and protecting the rights of consumer debtors in bankruptcy


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