#NACBACHI Access Playback NACBA Today!

We hope you enjoyed NACBA’s 23rd Annual Convention in Chicago. The Convention was a huge success. We’re pleased to offer those unable to attend the opportunity to experience many of the sessions through PlaybackNACBA. Playback NACBA offers a number of options to access over 25 sessions and 40+ hours of content.

If you did attend the 2015 Convention you can now access your Complimentary 3 Month Fast Pass Activation in 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit PlaybackNACBA
  2. Confirm Your Registration (Enter your first and last name and city)
  3. Create Your Login and Password

After your 3 Month Pass you also have the opportunity to upgrade to a Season Pass or a Works Package for a full year’s access to the 2015 Convention’s events.

If you didn’t attend the NACBA Convention don’t fret! You can get a free 2 minute preview for each session then launch a year’s worth of benefits, training, and knowledge by choosing one of the 2015 NACBA Convention Packages that suit your specific needs.


Here’s a snapshot of a few sessions you’ll have access to with PlaybackNACBA from NACBA’s 23rd Annual Convention. Just click on the link for your free preview.

Student Loans I

Student Loans II

Student Loans III

CFPB Mortgage Servicing Rules

Save Your Client’s Job

Tax Booby-Traps in Bankruptcy

Family Feud: Intersection of Family Law & Bankruptcy

 Zombie Real Estate Apocalypse

Again, this is just a sample of everything that was offered, there’s so much more….

We hope you had a wonderful time at the 2015 NACBA Convention! #NACBACHI

See you in 2016 in San Francisco! #NACBASF


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