Sessions at NACBA COnvention

Bankruptcy News Briefs 5/5

Debt Relief Operation Files for Bankruptcy; CFPB Challenge Tossed

Business Groups Back Debt Buying Bill

FDCPA Lawsuits Still Rising in Early Part of 2015 as TCPA Claims Decline

April Bankruptcy Filings Decrease 12 Percent From Previous Year

Supreme Court rules denial of proposed bankruptcy repayment plan not final action

Supreme Court Finds Denial of Confirmation not Appealable Order

Child Support Payment Bill Gets Endorsement from Equifax

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We hope you enjoyed NACBA’s 23rd Annual Convention in Chicago. The Convention was a huge success. We’re pleased to offer those unable to attend the opportunity to experience many of the sessions through PlaybackNACBA. Playback NACBA offers a number of options to access over 25 sessions and 40+ hours of content.

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Student Loans I

Student Loans II

Student Loans III

CFPB Mortgage Servicing Rules

Save Your Client’s Job

Tax Booby-Traps in Bankruptcy

Family Feud: Intersection of Family Law & Bankruptcy

 Zombie Real Estate Apocalypse

Again, this is just a sample of everything that was offered, there’s so much more….

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