Bankruptcy News Briefs 5/14

Household Debt Remains Flat in First Quarter

Study: Student Loan Debt Isn’t Harming Consumers’ Access to Credit and Repayment Rates

House Subcommittee Reviews Cause of Financial Crisis in Dodd-Frank Hearing

Major Banks to Delete Records for Some Borrowers Who Filed for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Can Help Seniors Protect Assets

CFPB Begins Probe Of Student Loan Servicers, Signaling Stronger Rules

The Examiners: Bankruptcy Reform Could Actually Aggravate Student Loan Issue

CFPB Launches Public Inquiry Into Student Loan Servicing Practices

Rozanne Andersen on Regulation – Medical Debt Trends

The Examiners: Helping Over-Burdened Borrowers is the Goal of Bankruptcy

Optional, Early Compliance is a Common Regulatory Tool: Early Adopters Can Choose Phase-In Date

The Examiners: Everyone Suffers Without Bankruptcy Reform for Student Debt

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