Bankruptcy News Briefs 5/19

Federal Proposes Tighter Bank Rules for Student Loans

Case Involving Collection Calls from India Resolved

First Set of Comments of NCLC in response to CFPB Request for Information Regarding the Credit Card Market, May 2015

Banks Cry Foul Over Education Dept.’s Plan for Student Loans

U.S. Supreme Court to Review Whether a Declined Complete Individual Offer of Judgment Moots TCPA Class Action

Optional, Early Compliance is a Common Regulatory Tool: Early Adopters Can Choose Phase-In Date, May 2015

Advocates Oppose Bill that Would Let Lenders Off the Hook, May 2015

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz Requests Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Disavow Operation Choke Point

78,000 Individuals and 50 Organizations Urge the U.S. Department of Education to Grant Debt Relief to Corinthian Colleges’ Students, May 2015

High Court Awards Leftover Bankruptcy Funds to Texas Man

NCLC’s Saunders Testifies on Operation Choke Point

Mortgage Delinquency Rate Falls to Pre-Recession Levels

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