NACBA25 Fireside Highlight


Join Tom Martin, with National Auto Brokerage Service in his Fireside Chat, “Automotive Lending While In Chapter 7 & Chapter 13,” where he will discuss what lenders are looking for in determining a good risk and how that helps your clients rebuild a new credit portfolio.

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Tom Martin

National Auto Brokerage Services

Tom Martin has been in the automotive retail business since 1995 and has spent most of his time working with sub-prime borrowers. In 2003 he took a small country dealership and increased used car sales by 200% by marketing to open bankruptcy customers. In his 7 years he was there he assisted in selling over 5000 retail auto transactions with 75% coming from customers that were involved with an open bankruptcy. Tom is passionate with his clientele and determined to get the best possible terms and conditions for his customer. He has assisted with many of those customers continually re-build their credit and help them with re-financing and increase credit scores.
In 2012, Tom brought his program to his current dealership and helped found National Automotive Brokerage Services. Although at first the company concentrated on marketing to insurance companies for total loss replacement and they implemented the open bankruptcy segment with Tom’s leadership that is giving them national recognition for the company. The concept is to partner with bankruptcy attorneys to help their clients make better decisions when it comes to their transportation needs.

In 2013, Tom founded My Credit Helpers, Inc. which is a company that helps his clients and many others to assist in the re-building process by providing credit restoration, student loan modifications and many other tools needed to completely recover from bankruptcy. He goes the extra steps because purchasing a car isn’t enough when it comes to re-establishing credit. The last part the client should do is the credit restoration. Tom has seen unbelievable results in helping clients improve their credit score from 100-175 points just months after discharge. Tom also wants to help for those needing assistance in student loan modifications which is becoming a major part of the decision making for an auto loans.

Tom is determined to help as many customers that are going through which is the same thing he went through many years ago from a divorce and he believes his customers should receive the same treatment no matter what their situation is. With his trial and error, Tom will show the different steps for anyone who is interested of re-building credit at a faster rate.

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