New NACBA Webinar in November! Register Today

NACBA is excited to kick off a new month with another new and informative webinar, presented by James J. Haller, Esq. on Thursday, November 9th. In this webinar, “How to Introduce an Appraiser’s Testimony and Appraisal as Evidence in Bankruptcy Court,” a number of relevant issues  and topics will be discussed such as:

  • When is it necessary to present residential valuation in a bankruptcy proceeding?
  • Finding a good appraiser.
  • Advice to clients when meeting the appraiser.
  • Review of appraisals/discovery.
  • Preparing the foundation to allow your appraiser’s opinion
  • Preparing the foundation to admit the appraisal.

Registration is open! The cost is $25 for NACBA Members and $75 for Non-Members. As always we encourage you to join NACBA if you are not a member so that you can take advantage of member pricing and benefits that are an invaluable personal and professional investment!

Register: HERE

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