Bankruptcy News Briefs 1/3

Midweek Headlines…

ICYMI: U.S. District Court Hears Oral Arguments in CFPB Leadership Case

Circuit Court: Debtor Claiming Federal exemptions under § 522 of the Bankruptcy Code May Exempt a 100% Interest in an Asset in Certain Situations

 Even Though it Resulted in Windfall for Undeserving Defendant, Court Applied Judicial Estoppel Against Debtor who Failed to Amend Bankruptcy Schedules to Disclose the Existence of Litigation

CFPB Report: Consumer Credit Market Remains Largely Stable

$119,000 Sanctions for Discharge Injunction Violations

Plaintiff/Debtor Loses Motion In Limine to Exclude Student Loan Promissory Note since NCSLT Witness Testimony May be able to Authenticate the Full Document

Mulvaney Updates CFPB Mission

CFPB Credit Card Market Report Addresses Collections and Recovery

U.S. appeals court revives proposed debt collection class action

Miami-Dade Clerk Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit Over 40 Percent Collection Fee

Average American’s Holiday Debt Goes Up 5 Percent

Nationwide consumer debt higher than ever before

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