Bankruptcy News Briefs- 9/25

Take some time this Tuesday to read the following headlines…

Student Loan Forgiveness Program Rejects 99% Of Applicants

The Growing Culture Of Student Loan Defaulters Fighting The System With Strategic Default

30% of Student Loan Borrowers Fall Behind After Only 6 Years

Hard truths about student debt

More parents say ‘no’ to taking on more than $75,000 in student loans

Tips For Offering Student Loan Benefits Under 401(k) Plans

FTC Reaches Settlement in Debt Collection Scheme

CFPB to Open Atlanta Office

American Credit Scores Hit a Record High. The bad news is bank card, mortgage and auto loan debt are all flashing red.


How to Value Assets in Bankruptcy
Date: September 27, 2018
Time: 4:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Pacific (60 Minutes)
Cost: $25 Members / $75 Non-NACBA
Presenters: Gene Melchionne, Esq. & Jim Haller, Esq.

Register HERE

What are the fastest least expensive methods to get accurate values for your client’s assets? Gene and Jim will discuss time tested methods to determine values on real estate, vehicles, and other property. Join us to learn how to save time and money while increasing the accuracy of your information.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Fillable PDFs
Tips, Tricks & Little Known Tools in Using Acrobat Efficiently
Cost: No Cost – Member Benefit Webinar
Presenters: Rachel Foley, Esq. & John Colwell, Esq.

Register HERE

Fillable PDFs can dramatically improve your bottom line by decreasing the turnaround time to receive information from your client while improving the accuracy of that information. Fillable PDFs are fast and easy to use, reduce/eliminate costly errors, provide 100% legible text, increase workflow and productivity, and are easy to update and archive. Learn from our experts how to create fillable PDFs to improve your bankruptcy practice!

Circuit Case Law Update
Cost: Free for NACBA Members
Presenters: Jim Molleur, David Shaev, Trish Meyer, Koury Hicks, Behrooz Vida, Brian Flick, David Yen, Wendell Sherk, Stanley Zlotoff, Jill Michaux and Nathan Juster.

Register HERE

Join us for a discussion of the most interesting recent cases from each federal circuit led by the NACBA Circuit Leader for each circuit. Stay on top of the most interesting cases from across the country.

One comment

  1. Month after month of student loan articles demanding forgiveness for a voluntary loan transaction… how about you go after the insane COST rather than the method of paying for it. Why do professors make more than 10 times the average public school teacher?!

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