Bankruptcy News Briefs- 12/27

Let’s recover from the holiday with the following headlines…

You Guess: What’s the Debt Burden for Americans Entering Retirement?

What consumers should know when debt collectors call

How Student Loan Debt is Different From Other Types of Debt

Scary Bonds From Last Crisis Were the Best Place to Hide in 2018

Why The Latest Market Slump May Be A Head Fake

How To Keep Those Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Are we heading into another recession?

CFPB modifies HMDA data disclosure, issues 2019 guidance

CFPB Isn’t Using a Process to Evaluate Consumer Risk: GAO

Suffolk launches student-loan repayment program

Pre-paid college tuition plan gets a boost

Consumers face higher credit card balances in 2019

Millennial Investing: Top 15 Tips Heading Into 2019

Study: Many South Florida Millennials Can’t Afford To Buy A House

Dems aim to bring big-government programs to floor vote with 2019 House takeover

Consumer alleges CBE Group keeps calling to collect debt from unknown person

Consumer alleges Dynamic Recovery Solutions attempted to collect alleged debt beyond statute of limitations

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