Bankruptcy News Briefs- 2/14

This Valentine’s Day headlines read…

Federal Student Aid: Additional Actions Needed to Mitigate the Risk of Servicer Noncompliance with Requirements for Servicing Federally Held Student Loans

FTC Returns Full Refunds to Consumers Who Paid to Lower Their Credit Card Interest Rates

New Texas Debt Buyer Legislation Would Require More Notices, Addresses Legal Actions

What You May Not Know About The Practice of “Pay-for-Delete”

Sen. Perdue (R-GA) Introduces Bill to Change CFPB’s Funding Source for Third Time

Attorney General Becerra opposes CFPB proposal to exempt companies from oversight

Senator: Let’s Take Student Loan Payments From Your Paycheck

How Dropping Out of College Affects Your Student Loans

Sen. Warner introduces bill to address student debt crisis

An explosion in auto debt threatens consumer finances, advocacy group warns

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