Dig Into The Spring Edition of NACBA’s Consumer Bankruptcy Journal!

This weekend spring into the new edition of NACBA’s Consumer Bankruptcy Journal. The Journal kicks off with a letter from our new President, Jim Haller, Esq. who talks about our challenges, strengths and the important advocacy role NACBA will take in 2017 in the current  and ever changing political climate. Then dive into the many relevant articles that keep you updated on bankruptcy issues and speaks personally to you as a consumer bankruptcy attorney.


Here’s a glimpse of the articles you can dive into in this spring edition of the Consumer Bankruptcy Journal:

  • Counseling Bankruptcy Clients About Guilt and Debt
  • Navigating the Late Tax Return Problem
  • What to Expect From Justice to Be- Gorsuch
  • Why Are Lawyers So Afraid to Ask for Help?
  • President Trump Is Right:Student Loan Debt an ‘Albatross’ on Family, Young People

There’s so much more so kick back and take some time to read the Consumer Bankruptcy Journal!