Bankruptcy News Briefs 7/29


Mortgage Firms Fined $38M for Allegedly Deceptive Program

Race Car Driver Works on Settling FTC’s Lending Charges

Morning Scan: Faulty Credit Reports Targeted; Merchants Seek Dismissal of $6B Credit Card Settlement

House and Senate Committees Approve Fiscal Bills Including Changes for CFPB

Contributions to Retirement Plan Excluded from CMI

The 986 Words That Have Guided First Party Outsourcing for 15 years

QR Codes Mean FDCPA Trouble Says PA Federal Court

Good News In Debt Collection “Benign Language” Envelope Case

New York Appellate Court Confers Standing on Assignee of Note Previously Discharged in Bankruptcy

A Law to Kill Zombie Debts That Outlasted Bankruptcy

Teacher Discharges Loads of Student Loans in Bankruptcy. ECMC Fights Back

Regulators Want More Details on Insurers’ Living Wills for Bankruptcy

Bill Would Allow Consumers To Sue When Bankrupt Debt Isn’t Removed From Credit Reports

Federal Lawmakers Propose Credit Reporting Changes

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