Bankruptcy News Briefs 9/17


Read the Most Updated Headlines in Bankruptcy News…

U.S. Census Bureau: Income, Poverty Rates Remain Stable, Uninsured Rate Declines

Inspector General Calls for Improvements to CFPB Consumer Complaint Database

Phantom Payday Loan Debt Operation Banned

Foreclosure Activity Wanes to End Run of Annual Gains

Debt Settlement Provides Economic Benefits to Consumers: Report

CFPB Wins Temporary Injunction Against Debt Settlement Company

OIG Report on CFPB Consumer Response Highlights Deficiencies, But Exposes Irony

GAO Report Finds IRS Management of Collection Process Still Not Living Up to Expectations

Is My Social Security Safe From Debt Collectors?

Chief Judge quashes 21,000 arrest orders, ends debt-collection policy

Department of Education Tips Hand on Student Loan Defense

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