Bankruptcy News Briefs 3/7

Dive Into Midweek Headlines…

Survey: Consumers Plan to Save Tax Refunds, Pay Off Debt

Judge Says Plaintiffs in ED Case Likely to Succeed on Merits of Protest

TCPA Caselaw Review for January 2018

Montana Court Refuses to Shift Venue of “Related to” CFPB Police Action to Texas Bankruptcy Court

Senate advances plan to weaken Dodd-Frank banking rules on bipartisan vote

Debtor Correctly Excluded Mother’s Social Security From PDI

Trump is systematically backing off consumer protections, to delight of corporations

Mulvaney: The CFPB Will Rely Much More On State Attorneys General

10 biggest financial laws passed since Dodd-Frank

Equifax data breach affected 2.4 million more consumers

When Prosecutors and Debt Collection Companies Become Business Partners

3rd Cir. Holds Settlement Offer as to Time-Barred Debt May Violate FDCPA

Supreme Court Makes Bankruptcy Claw-Backs Easier While Protecting Financial Institutions

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Features in this quarter’s issue include:

  • The President’s Report
  • Six Secrets of the IRS Account Transcripts
  • Court Won’t Let Bank of America “Buy’ and “Bury” Judgment Against It
  • Notice of Elections

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Circuit Case Law Update
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