Bankruptcy News Briefs- 1/09

Midweek headlines read…

Banks With Most And Least Consumer Complaints Named In New Ranking

CFPB Finalizes Off-Balanced Approach to Public Disclosure of HMDA Data

CFPB Enters Into $15.5 Million Consent Order with Bank Over Stop Payment and Error Resolution Practices

Texas student loan debt among highest in US

Student Loan Outlook For 2019

Yes, you still need to pay your student loans during the shutdown — but you could hit some snags

And the award for worst student loan company goes to…

A couple lost their home to bankruptcy 14 years ago. They just got a demolition bill for $15,000

Debt Collector Granted Summary Judgment in $0.00 Line Itemization Case in the Northern District

New York Passes Law Addressing Collection of Decedents’ Debts

Supreme Court to Rule on Whether the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Applies to Nonjudicial Foreclosure Proceedings

Supreme Court debates the meaning of the term ‘debt collector’ in a foreclosure protections case dating back to the financial crisis


They Did What?! The 2018 Case Law Year in Review
Date: January 10, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM EST – 5:00 PM EST
Cost: $25 Member / $75 Non Member
Presenters: Henry Sommer, Esq., Tara Twomey, Esq., James Haller, Esq.
Register HERE

The panel will discuss the major cases that occurred in 2018 and pending cases before the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal that may affect your bankruptcy practice.

Why You Should Attend: We all need to stay on top of the major decisions from 2018 and pending decisions which may change our practice and advice to clients. Make sure you are current and haven’t missed any important decisions.

Our Prayer for the Blessed Resurrected Exemption: Invoking and Asserting Exemptions in Reopened Cases
Date: January 24, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM EST – 5:00 PM EST
Cost: $25 Member / $75 Non Member
Presenters: Debrah DeMack Esq., Billy Brewer ESQ. & James Haller, Esq.
Register HERE

The panel will discuss the law, procedures and give advice on how best to represent a client who has an omitted asset and needs to reopen their case. The panel will discuss the possible challenges to claiming exemptions including excusable neglect and share their documents and experience fighting them.

Why You Should Attend: We all have (or will have) clients that call us after a bankruptcy is closed with an omitted asset. We all need to know what the state of the law is and how to best protect your client and the missing asset.


Check it out online now and register today!

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