Bankruptcy News Briefs- 4/16

Included in today’s headlines are…

The Biggest Reason You Should NEVER Use Your 401(k) to Pay Off Debt

Congress Must Stop the Seizing of EITC Tax Refunds to Pay for Defaulted Student Loans

Eleventh Circuit Issues Must-Read FCRA Decision

Bruckner et al. article on when the DOE should not contest the discharge of student loans

Americans fall short in financial literacy

Here’s What The 2020 Presidential Candidates Say About Your Student Loans

Mick Mulvaney’s Master Class in Destroying the Government From Within

CFPB Denies Duty To Enforce Military Lending Act

California Assemblywoman Explores Creation of State-Level CFPB in Press Conference with Cordray

CFPB Settles with Law Firms over Debt Relief Fee Allegations

OMB Guidance on CRA Compliance Imposes New Rule Review Requirements on Independent Agencies

Credit Reporting Debts in Bankruptcy: Deluge of Recent Lawsuits Reveals Risks for Financial Industry

Consumer not Entitled to Appellate Attorney Fees if Benefit is Solely for Attorney, According to 11th Circuit

Parent Loans for College Are Skyrocketing — and 62% of Families Are Borrowing More Than What the Government Says They Can Afford

Rethinking Federal Lending to Parents

District Court Rules “Informational Injury” Sufficient to Confer Article III Standing


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