Bankruptcy News Briefs- 6/26

Check out these post-hearing bankruptcy & consumer headlines…

NACBA Calls to Restore the Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge

Hey, robocallers, take this: FTC, Illinois, other states announce major crackdown on spam calls

Antitrust Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Student Debt Crisis, Bankruptcy Reform

Consumer Advocates: Bankruptcy Law Governing Payment of Debt Is Squeezing the Most Vulnerable

The ‘after’ picture of student loans: Credit card debt, smelly cars, pawn shops to make ends meet

When Patients Can’t Pay, Many Hospitals Are Suing

Canceling Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Make Problems Disappear

SCOTUS Adopts “No Fair Ground of Doubt” Standard for Violations of Bankruptcy Discharge Order

Hospitals Earn Little From Suing For Unpaid Bills. For Patients, It Can Be ‘Ruinous’

Lawmakers Reconsider Bankruptcy for Student Loans

Student loan borrowers who say they were defrauded sue Betsy DeVos for failing to cancel their debt

CFPB Signals Greater Clarity Coming for Abusive Standard

Two-thirds of American employees regret their college degrees

The Moral Hazard Of Student Loan Forgiveness

This debt could force you into bankruptcy, and it’s not student loans

Delgado: Raise bankruptcy debt caps for farmers


Chapter 13 Plan Provisions: What Are They Good For?
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Introduction to Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Online Workshop
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Bankruptcy is a world unto itself. This webinar is designed to introduce practitioners to the bankruptcy landscape and will cover the basics of chapter 7 and chapter 13, the difference between the two, and factors to consider when recommending one chapter over another. This program will give new attorneys and staff an introduction to bankruptcy practice.

Why You Should Attend: Let NACBA introduce your attorneys and staff to the practice of the Bankruptcy Code.


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