Bankruptcy News Briefs- 1/24

It’s Friday! Check out the latest news…

Surprise, Your Credit Score May Drop

After Bankruptcy, Nearly Half of Retailers Close All Stores

Greeting Cards Retailer Papyrus Files for Bankruptcy, Plans to Close Stores

Court Cites Student Loans As Reason To Deny Bar Admission To New Lawyer

Federal reserve report shows substantial increase in student loan debt

Key CFPB defenders urge SCOTUS to skip constitutional issue

Killing the CFPB Would Harm States, Attorneys General Tell Court

Former Wells Fargo CEO Hit With $17.5 Million Fine, Barred From Banking Industry

6th Cir. Holds Consumer Lacks Standing to Assert ‘Meaningful Involvement’ Claim, Not Every Technical Violation is Redressable

NY DFS Unveils Consumer Protection Task Force, adds Former CFPB Deputy Director

Sixth and Ninth Circuits Issue Decisions Applying Spokeo to FDCPA and FCRA Claims

Big Week in the 7th Circuit: Settlement Offers, Envelopes, Creditor ID, and More

Another Seat at the Table: CFPB Adds Another Member to Taskforce


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