Register for NACBA’s Upcoming July Webinar


NACBA is excited to announce our upcoming webinar, “The End of HAMP: Understanding Proprietary Modifications,” on Thursday, July 20th from 3-4 PM ET. With HAMP no longer in existence, it is more important than ever to understand the many proprietary loan modifications being used and understanding how to thoughtfully integrate Regs X and Z into your Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense or Loss Mitigation practice.

You can transform your practice and double your opportunity to generate fees from each of your much more satisfied clients.  You’ll see how quickly the servicers will settle your cases, waive alleged “unwaivable” restrictions or make your client the exception to the rule.

Presenters Max O. Gardner III and  Roberto Rivera we’ll cover topics such as:

  • Finding the Investor or Guarantor of the Loan
  • Pooling & Servicing Agreements
  • GSE Published Guidelines
  • “Standard Modifications” and basic terms of some Proprietary Mod Programs
  • Common Terms & Formulas used in all Loan Modifications
  • Streamlined Mods and Not So Streamlined Mods
  • How Servicers Pick Loans for Alternative Mod Products
  • How to Determine Which Mods Your Client Can really Qualify for and How to Get them
  • How to Select the Right Client

Don’t miss this webinar Register today!

Cost: $25 NACBA Member / $75 Non Member

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