Bankruptcy News Briefs 6/26

Let’s Kick the Week off With Some New Headlines…

Survey: Consumers’ Savings Levels Improve

IRS Private Tax Collectors Are Accused Of Illegal Tactics

Debt Collector Accused Of Taking Money From People Who Didn’t Owe Anything

CHOICE Act dilutes safeguards


Illinois debt is about to be rated ‘junk.’ What that means

Jim Flynn: As student debt rises, fake relief firms prey

CHOICE Act: Reform or Recalibration?

Relatively Young, Healthy Recently-separated Single Parent with Part-Time Job Passed Brunner Test to Discharge Student Loans

Debtor’s Taking of a Car from Employer Without Permission and then Crashing it was Not a Willful and Malicious Injury under §523(a)(6)

Debt for Helicopter Medical Transport was Dischargeable Even Though Debtor Spent Insurance Benefits on Himself

Debtor’s Anticipated Bonus from Employer that had Discretion on Whether to Award it was Not Property of the Bankruptcy Estate

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Is there Life After HAMP? Now what?
The End of HAMP: Understanding Proprietary Modifications
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