Bankruptcy News Briefs 2/20

Check Out The Headlines Making News…

Court Grants Discharge of 50-Year Old Debtor’s $230,000 in Student Loans where IBRP would Leave here Huge Tax Liability in her 70s and Wipe Out Her Assets

Criminal Restitution Is Nondischargeable

Chapter 13 Plan Confirmed Even Though Payments Did Not Include All of Debtors’ Disposable Income

Household Debt Increases for Fifth Consecutive Year

A Party Does Not Have Standing to Appeal Bankruptcy Court Order simply because it has been Allowed to Appear in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Democrats Seek Answers to CFPB’s OFLEO Realignment

Collection Letter Making Settlement Offer for Time-Barred Debt Can Violate FDCPA Without Legal Action Threat, Third Circuit Rules

Post-Discharge Loan Modification with Partial Claim Gets Servicer in Trouble with Bankruptcy Court

Second Circuit Finds “Related To” Bankruptcy Jurisdiction in a Madoff Matter

Mortgage debt surges in fourth quarter

Canceling Student Loan Debt Isn’t Just A Dream. It Could Save The Economy.

Wisconsin bankruptcy filings were the lowest in a decade in 2017

Debt Collectors Hoping For Relief from Courts on Collection Letter Claims May Soon Get Clarity (podcast)

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Circuit Case Law Update
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