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Get Tips From The Watercooler With Ruby Receptionists!

Check out these great articles in The Watercooler Newsletter from our partner Ruby Receptionists! Get updates and tips that can enhance your business! Take a look at this edition’s features!

  • The Most Humbling Lessons of Leadership: Ruby Founder and CEO Jill Nelson reflects on her entrepreneurial journey in this article for Forbes.
  • Upcoming Webinar: Flex Your Customer Service: Register today for our free webinar on March 7, How to Flex Your Customer Service Muscle, and explore 3 steps to up your customer service game and get your customers pumped!
  • You Had Me at Hello: How do you lead customers to loyalty? By building trust and showing you care from the first “hello,” and this article has tips to help you get there.
  • A Practical Approach to Situational Leadership Bilingual Receptionist Cultivator, Rosy Rocha is the intrepid Ruby responsible for creating and maintaining Ruby’s Spanish service delivery. Get to know her and her leadership style!
  • Advice for Managing Managers: What matters most to your company? Learn how to provide your leaders with the tools to drive your mission, vision, and values.
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Hang Out at The Watercooler for Great Tips You Can Implement in Your Firm!


Useful information gets spread around at the water cooler in the office, but fortunately, Ruby® Receptionist brings you tips, news and juicy tidbits that don’t require you to leave the comfort of your home in their newsletter, The WaterCooler!

This Edition of the Watercooler features handy articles such as:

  • How to (Milk)Shake Up Your Market Research: Find out how the McDonald’s milkshake surprized researchers—and how to apply what they learned.
  • Building a Culture of Service: In this article for Small Giants, Ruby Founder and CEO Jill Nelson reflects on company milestones and discusses strategies for creating a service-driven work culture.
  • Content Marketing 101: Blog posts, social media updates, videos, white papers, case studies, and even newsletters like this one are all “content,” and they’re great tools for connecting with customers.

You’ll also want to catch the webinars they host such as Work Smarter, Not Harder and How to Flex Your Customer Service Muscle! Take a moment to dig through the Watercooler and get great tips you can implement in your practice!

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