Bankruptcy News Briefs 5/15

Consumers’ Financial Outlook Reaches Record High in Fed Survey

Electronic Payments Step Four – Don’t Forget the FDCPA, the Consumer’s Rights, or the Proper Notices

Third Circuit Applies Beard Test to Late-Filed Return Issue

U.S. Supreme Court to Review Scope of “Settlement Payment Defense” for Bankruptcy Clawback Suits


District Court Affirms Ruling that Settlement Proceeds from Pelvic Mesh Injuries Were Acquired Post-Petition, and Not Property of the Estate, Since Debtor did Not Discover Product Defect Until After Filing Bankruptcy

District Court Takes on the Intersection of Bankruptcy and the FDCPA

FAQ: Recent Developments in US Law Affecting Pension and OPEB Claims in Restructurings (2017)

Prepaid Card Protections Likely to Escape Congressional Veto

Guy who fought Wells Fargo is angry about Republican attack on CFPB

Republican Threat to CFPB Rules May Mean Enforcement Boost

Two years after creation, state’s debt-recovery center is moving at ever-faster pace

No U.S. Private Debt Collectors for Americans Overseas: IRS

Debt Collector Abuse Is Raging In The Trump Era

The Conundrum Of Debt, Tax Cuts and The Economy

Can’t Pay Your Student Loans? The Government May Come After Your House

A student loan should not mean a lifetime of debt. Maine lawmakers can help.

Sacramento attorney disbarred for mishandling bankruptcy cases

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