Bankruptcy News Briefs 1/10

Midweek News Briefs…

Bankruptcy Court Lacked Power to Order $375,000 in Punitive Damages

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren Says CFPB Data Collection Freeze, Other Actions, are ‘Unjustified’

Court Finds that Late Filing of Tax Return does Not Automatically Bar a Debtor from Discharging a Taxes

Debtor Who Prevailed in Automatic Stay Violation Action Awarded only $406 in Total Damages Since She Neither Mitigated Damages Nor Offered Evidence of Attorneys Fees

IRS private debt-collection program hurts low-income Americans

The Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act of 2017

U.S. says Massachusetts cannot sue student loan servicer

Debt Collection Activity Alone Does Not a Debt Collector Make, According to Northern District of Illinois

Judge Was Not Kind to Collection Agency Plaintiffs in RICO Case Decision

President Trump Nominates Brendan Carr for Five-Year FCC Term

AG Pushes Collection Firm to Scrap $8.8M in Consumer Debt

CFPB Withdraws Proposal To Conduct Debt Collection Disclosure Survey

US consumer debt surges by the most in over 2 years to $3.8 trillion

Holiday Debt Hangover for U.S. Consumers

Nevada District Court Holds that a Creditor Must Have a Fully Undisputed Claim to Petition for an Involuntary Bankruptcy

Americans Borrowed More in November Amid Solid Holiday Sales

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