Bankruptcy News Briefs 2/13

Dive Into Today’s Headlines…

Congress Would Control CFPB Under White House Budget Proposal

CFPB and White House Strategic Plans Appear to be Aligned

Litigation Filed (Again) in New Chapter of ED Private Collection Agency Contract

Southern District of Florida Finds Telephone Dialing System Not an ATDS Under the TCPA

A Cold, Drafty Valentine for Low Income and Working Families in President Trump’s Proposed Budget

Debtors who Claim Excessive or Ambiguous Exemptions should Not be able to Confirm Chapter 13 Plan Without Providing 100% Payment to Unsecured Creditors

Condo Ass’n was Bound by Terms of Confirmed Chapter 13 which Not Only Surrendered the Condo but also Vested Title to Condo in Lender

It’s time to audit the CFPB

Falls debt collector collected debts, not once, but twice

3rd Circuit revives lawsuit over collection of time-barred debt

Here are the cities with the most credit card debt

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