Bankruptcy News Briefs 2/28

Midweek Headlines…

Stay Does Not Require Bank to Release Citation Lien

Texas Lawyers and Law Professors Urge Representative Gonzalez to Withdraw Support of Bill that Would Harm Texas Consumers

Debt Collection Industry Faces Evolving Compliance Regulations

From the Web: Department of Justice Files Opposition Brief in CFPB Deputy Director’s Appeal

New Jersey Federal Court Finds Additional Telephone Number In Validation Letter Did Not Violate FDCPA

How Chicago Ticket Debt Sends Black Motorists Into Bankruptcy

E.D.N.Y.: Collection Agency Can Enforce Arbitration Clause of Underlying Credit Agreement

CFPB report finds removal of public record data has small effect on credit scores

Bankruptcy Straight-Talk For Credit Union Members

DeVos to Assert that Only Department of ED, Not States, Can Regulate Student Loan Servicers

Mulvaney Says His CFPB Is Keeping Elizabeth Warren Up at Night

GUEST VIEW: Debt collection companies have hijacked the justice system

Iowa court debt approaches $732 million

Total consumer debt increased faster in Hawaii than the nation, DBEDT report

Overdue US credit card debt hits 7-year high at $11.9bn

Congressional Research Service Releases Bankruptcy & Student Loans Report

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, the Congressional Research Service released a report titled “Bankruptcy and Student Loans”. The report explains how and why the Bankruptcy Code makes student loans nondischargeable unless undue hardship is proven. It concludes with providing potential considerations for Congress to treat student loans moving forward. Read the Full Report.

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