Bankruptcy News Briefs 2/26

Dive Into New Headlines…

Fourth Circuit Looks at Multiple Factors in Bad Faith Analysis

Advocates to FCC: Do More, Much More to Block Unwanted Robocalls

Church Provides No Sanctuary: Sixth Circuit’s FDCPA Decision May Breathe New Life into TCPA Spokeo Arguments

Forensic Analysis of Debt Settlement Program Participants, Commissioned by the American Fair Credit Council, Validates Economic Benefit to Consumers

17 Lawsuits Now Filed in Dept of ED Collection Contract, Chapter 2

Maryland Court Finds Mini-Miranda Not Necessary on Certain Consumer-Initiated Calls

CFPB Seeks Input on Town Halls, Field Hearings in Agency Review

Debtor’s Obligation to Pay his Children’s College Expenses Qualified as a DSO and Were Non-Dischargeable

What The Climbing Debt Defaults Really Mean For The Economy

Chapter 13 Debtor Could Not Defer Surrender of her Home Until her Son Graduated High School

A Shocking Number of Americans Now Owe at Least $50,000 in Student Debt—and Many Aren’t Paying It Down

Bankruptcy Remoteness Going to a Court of Appeals

Department of Education Considering Student Loan Bankruptcy Rule Changes

2017 Consumer Finance Year in Review

Congressional Research Service Releases Bankruptcy & Student Loans Report

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, the Congressional Research Service released a report titled “Bankruptcy and Student Loans”. The report explains how and why the Bankruptcy Code makes student loans nondischargeable unless undue hardship is proven. It concludes with providing potential considerations for Congress to treat student loans moving forward. Read the Full Report.

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Circuit Case Law Update
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