Bankruptcy News Briefs 6/14

Midweek Happenings…

Consumer Borrowing Shows Marginal Increase in April

Federal Reserve Survey: Consumers’ Overall Financial Well-Being Improves

SCOTUS Issues Landmark Precedent for FDCPA in Case Supported by ACA’s Industry Advancement Program

Treasury Department Issues Long Awaited Report on Regulatory Reform for the Financial Services Industry

WV Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Debt Collector on Call Volume

Grace Period to Cure Arrearage Beyond Five-Year Plan Period

NCLC Leads Consumer Groups in Urging FCC to Initiate Enforcement Action Against Navient for Violations of the TCPA

Chapter 7 Debtors had to Turnover Pre-petition Payments made for Daughter’s Ballet Courses, as well as Paid Time Off

Treasury: Gut CFPB, overhaul residential mortgage lending regulation

U.S. Supreme Court Excludes Banks Collecting Purchased Delinquent Debt from Definition of “Debt Collector” under the FDCPA

Feds revising rule covering third-party debt collectors

It’s time to get realistic about the debt ceiling

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