Bankruptcy News Briefs 7/19

What’s Happening in Midweek News?

Big Changes to West Virginia Debt Collection Laws Now in Effect

How New Credit Reporting Guidelines May Impact Consumers…and Lenders

Automatic Stay Does Not Preclude Criminal Restitution Collection

CFPB ignores request from OCC to postpone arbitration rule

Poll: Voters Support CFPB, Strict Financial Regulation

The economy has improved but money worries persist

Debt collector must face suit for accessing credit report

Second Circuit Holds that Contractually-Given Consent Cannot be Revoked Under TCPA

Consumers Making Less Than $40K Per Year Worried About Paying Off Debt

What kind of financial shape is your state in?

Annual bankruptcy filing total could approach 800K

Free of debt — with regrets

1,600 lawsuits filed in Colorado courts against students delinquent on school loans

Third Circuit Confirms That One Call Is All for TCPA Violation

District Court Confirms That Text Messages Completing Consumer-Initiated Transaction Are Not Telemarketing

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Don’t  miss tomorrow’s informative Webinar with O. Max Gardner III and Bobby Rivera as they discuss the following topics:

  • Finding the Investor or Guarantor of the Loan
  • Pooling & Servicing Agreements
  • GSE Published Guidelines
  • “Standard Modifications” and basic terms of some Proprietary Mod Programs
  • Common Terms & Formulas used in all Loan Modifications
  • Streamlined Mods and Not So Streamlined Mods
  • How Servicers Pick Loans for Alternative Mod Products
  • How to Determine Which Mods Your Client Can really Qualify for and How to Get them
  • How to Select the Right Client

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Washington Update

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